Party !

We are a label with many Dj/Producers !
Thats why we make Party in our City and everywhere you want us 🙂

1st Summer Party in the best tourist place “La Cantine Du Voyage à Nantes”


Venice Beach in da place !

Yeah 2018 is Hot ! 1st EP of the Parisian Disco Band on Elevate Melodies 😉

Review :
As the evocative title suggests on this Elevate Melodies release, Beyond The Clouds is the noise you’d hear if you stuck your head into a house and techno paradise and rose above the clouds to where intense arp lines soar, bulging bass lines bruise and bustle and sounds transcend to a higher level. A truly original work of art, fans of Lone’s wonky, melody-rich house will instantly fall for the original cut.

Superprince strips back the funk and adds a heady 90s piano line, creating a streamlined deep house number perfect for main rooms while label head Jay Airiness dials up some Rhodes goodness for his take that stays true to the original.