Label got One Year !!!!
Let’s celebrate with a Various Album !

Review :
House label Elevate Melodies hit the ground running in 2018 with a 10-track album featuring several brand new releases and some of last year’s biggest hitters.

Label boss Jay Airiness kicks off the compilation with ‘Heart,’ a pulsing mid-tempo nu-disco jam that will get the blood pumping and instantly open up a dancefloor. It’s quickly followed by the low-slung deep house work out of ‘Les Grues de Nantes’ by Victorious Black and the Sly Moore’s epic disco workout ‘Discooking.’

Airiness then hits hard with two back-to-back tracks: first up is the pulsing, throbbing groove of ‘The Law & The Theory’ before Griffes turns in a sultry remix of ‘She Stayin’ that goes heavy on melodic keys and pads.

Betrand Dupart turns in a timeless slice of house music that could have been made in any of the last three decades on ‘FU2,’ with the Acid Revolution remix of Sly Moore’s ‘Muoosic’ taking things into 4am hands-up and heads-down territory.

The album closes out with three previously unreleased tracks. Venice Beach turn in a stripped back house groover in ‘Allure,’ while Victorious Black turn up the jazz on ‘West Style,’ a bumpin’ track that will appeal to West Coast DJs like Mark Farina. Appropriately, Jay Airiness closes out the show with ‘Cassiopeia,’ a warm, fuzzy, stripped back mid-tempo number.

Diverse, always melodic and with grooves to suit most DJs, Elevated Number One is the sound of a label at the top of their game.

(Review by Andy B.)

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